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Post your ads within minutes & Pay only for Views & Clicks spend on your Advertisement. Target Local Audiance with Live Offers. Help them on Chat for Support. Manage your Bookings, Interests & Complaints.

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Mapians is the first platform to give users a real time live offers experience nearby them. Post offers and get business conversion immediately on regular basis till the time the ad is running by selecting required target area of promotion.

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Why Mapians?

Mapians helps businesses to stop sharing profit margins of 20-25% by Saving loss of profit. This would result in more cash flow for new / existing indian businesses. Businesses can get started with indigenous sales, marketing & support system (CRM Tool) which helps to build recurring database of customer by increasing followers, allow them for Booking and Complaining System and much more.

Businesses will have to pay only for Views and Clicks for the posted ads which are running to their targeted locations. Mapians will work like CRM and Notifications Booster for every new offer on daily or hourly basis. Promote Page Created on Mapians which helps rank on Google using Organic Search Engine Optimization


One Stop Business Solution

Our mission is to enhance & transform the way people search offers, advertise & do business online.

Easy business create
Easy Advertise create
Track Performance
Very Affordable
Get Bookings
Get Interests
Get Reviews
Get Complaints

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Create Video Advertisements

  • Get More Views & Click with Video Ads. Create your Advertisement with Images, Videos of your choice.

  • Setup & Configure your Ads specific Target Location, Target Audiance within 5 Minutes

  • Configure Booking & Go Live after Approval from Mapians Team after Policy Verification

Live Monitoring on Mapians Analytics

Mapians keeps you Up to Date with Live Alerts & Notifications for every single Ad Visit, Bookings, Interests, Reviews or Complaints.

Monitor your ad performance on Realtime basis. Pause & Resume the Ads at your convenience. View the Ads Visits with Name and Photo. Chat with the Interested Visitors to convert in Sales.


Live Customer Service

Serve your customers with Realtime Experience!


Track you Bookings

Accept or Reject the Bookings On Realtime Basis. Help your customers to Understand your service better on Chatting.

  • OTP Verified Escrow Booking

  • Receive your Payments on COD or Online

  • Satisfy the Customers with Same Day Deliveries

Track you Interests

User Interests are very essential for business forecasting, You can analyse their needs and improve your business model accordingly.

Mapians helps you to receive interests from the customers in order to Book a Visit or Request a Call Back. Which this you get to know that the user is willing to discuss your business further and he is your potential customer.


Track you Complaints

Manjority of the large businesses focus on their complaints to improve their business as per the customers expectations. Which Mapians Complaints Management System users can Raise a Complaint with Image or Video as evidence & Track their complaints with the complaint ID.

Your attention and response to the Complaints will help you to build recurring customers and build trust into your customer for service.

  • Instantly Resolve the complaints.

  • Manage complaints with the Complaint ID

  • Keep the records for the previous complaints.

Track you Reviews

Usually every business listing website does have reviews these days.

But mapians helps you to manage the reviews from genuine customers and not from any random internet users. With the help of that reviews you can improve your service quality.


Benefits of Marketing on Mapians

We help you to kickstart your business at realtime costing

No more Margin or Profit sharings as Mapians will charge only according to the Clicks & Views
Initiate Live chats with the Live Visitors to convert leads into the enquries
100% Genuine enquires which are convertable after discussions.
Realtime Ads Performance monitoring as per the Wallet Balance Usage.
Add your wallet balance as per your convenience and requirement. No Hidden charges or contracts.
All your Data with us is 100% Secured, Safe in Indian Datacenters under the Gov. Rules & Regulations
Realtime Notifications & Alerts for every Visitors, Bookings, Interests, Complaints 24x7x365
24x7x365 Service and Support Assitance from Mapians Business Team for any concerns.

Frequently Asked Questions

100% Funded & Made with Love in India !
Help us to grow in India.

1. Mapians is Completely Free?

No, Mapians Business Account Holders will be charged for Ads Posting as per the Use of Views & Clicks.

2. How is the Booking Secured?

Users can book online and get it delivered on the same day. Businesses will receive the payment paid online only after sharing OTP from customer to Businesses.

3. Where does Mapians store its Data?

Mapians is completely Secured & Safe to use & it hosts the Data in Indian Datacenters.

4. How to renew ads posting?

Making Payments via Wallet is very easy for renewal your ads budget. You can pay online via any Payment Method

5. Can I use Mapians on different devices?

Currently we only provide Mapians for Android Smartphones.

6. Can I use Mapians in my locality?

Mapians is currently serving in limited locations which are visible only after download.

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Mapians can play key transformation role to build a dynamic real time advertising platform which is functional according to the need and budget.

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